SoundWave Productions

is a collective of talented DJ’s who think you deserve a rad party.¬†

As DJ’s we’re versatile, adaptable, and do more than show up and play music. We first like to meet or talk with you and make sure our personality and style is the right fit. ¬†Next, we provide online access to our planning forms and music database where you can request songs, solidify the event timline, and complete the questionnaire forms to help us with the important details. ¬†Lastly, we deliver a fun and unique experience that will set your wedding apart from the rest.

We’ve got you covered from the moment you book with us to your last dance at the end of the night. We make it a point to learn about you, your overall vision, and what you expect from us.

A large majority of our clients have heard of us through past referrals, coordinators, preferred venues,  and/or repeat business due to the fact we treat everyone’s event as if it were our own.

We’ve never lost sight of our clients expectations and we continually strive to be better than the year before.  Since every event contains further potential clients, we want to impress not only our clients, but all of our client’s guests as well.


SoundWave Productions provides:

  • Formally attired & live mixing DJ‚Äôs
  • Technical lighting & A/V experts
  • ¬†Online access to event planning forms and music database
  • Personalized service catered to your style
  • Experience with small to large guest counts
  • Extensive musical variety
  • Fun & contemporary approach

Our Promise…

  • We will¬†not¬†play sappy love ballads during dinner.
  • We will¬†not¬†play the Chicken Dance, Y.M.C.A, Hokey Pokey or Macarena (unless you really want us too).
  • We will¬†not¬†tell jokes, sing, chatter, mumble or say anything awkward on the mic.
  • We will¬†not¬†have empty space between songs transitions.
  • We will¬†not¬†play crappy disco.
  • We¬†will¬†play the perfect blend of music that suits the occasion.
  • We¬†will¬†listen to your thoughts, ideas and what you have to say (it‚Äôs your¬†wedding, not ours).
  • We¬†will¬†play any requests that you have.
  • We¬†will¬†read the crowd and make sure everyone dances their asses off.
  • We¬†will¬†host your event with a straightforward and well-spoken approach.

Learn ¬†more about our DJ’s and find the perfect fit for your next event.