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Diego (drums + percussion)

Very few entertainers have the combination of  instrument mastery, incredible music knowledge and charisma, but our boy Diego has it all.   At SoundWave, we’ve created a fusion sound combining DJ, drums  and other instruments which brings an incredible energy and live-music element to each event.  Diego always brings a fresh and unique setup, tailoring, the look and presentation to match the surrounding elements.

His upbringing on soul, funk, latin and old-school provide him with a unique and adaptable style in playing house/EDM, hip-hop, Tropical, Persian, and others.   His personality makes him instantly likable among couples. “I enjoy playing at weddings especially when couples have obscure or uncommon musical tastes because that challenges me as an artist.  I build a unique set with the DJ that is memorable and thoughtful to create an atmosphere of eclectic hits.”

Whether he’s doing celebrity, VIP, fashion events or weddings, his one true passion is to keep everyone dancing all night.

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