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It goes without saying that you want a DJ with superb social skills, a great personality and a well-groomed appearance.

You also want a DJ that knows a lot about your musical tastes and has the ability to actually mix songs and create smooth transitions. They also need to know how to gauge your audience, relate to guests, keep the dance floor full and entertain tastefully all while not overpowering your celebration. That’s where we come in.

At Soundwave Productions, we like to think of ourselves as
“entertainment experts.”

Our company consists of seasoned performers who are always courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and determined to rock the dance floor.

We’re not just DJ’s. We are enthusiastic emcees who will clearly and confidently handle all microphone duties during your event. Whether you want mostly music with minimal talk, fun and tasteful audience interaction, wedding games, icebreakers, or a mixture of everything, we will be flexible to match your personal style and taste.

Rest assured that your DJ/Emcee will have the knowledge and skills to tastefully host and entertain your event without over-talking, telling jokes, embarrassing guests, or playing cheesy songs. Every DJ/Emcee will be formally attired, have equipment set up and ready to play, and be on cue with your timeline of events; all prior to your event beginning.

After all, what’s the one thing people remember about your event days, weeks or even years later? It’s not the dinner or the dessert.

It’s the entertainment.


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