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Steve Dub

Steve is a world-renowned turntablist and DJ with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He’s known for his residency as an on-air mixer for 93.5 KDAY, and for holding residencies at some of OC and LA’s hottest nightlife spots.

Although hip-hop, funk, and soul are his genres of choice, Steve is an open-format DJ with the ability to play any genre that will get the crowd moving. From hip-hop to Top-40 to electronic and reggae, he can play anything in between for the most fickle crowds.

He loves to translate his creative and technical skills straight to a wedding dance floor, creating an open format set that entertains all guests, no matter how diverse  the crowd. “What I bring to a wedding besides the technical skills and music knowledge is my ability to custom tailor the set. I will perform a truly personalized selection of their favorite music!”​

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